About Tech MacGyver Solutions –

In today’s world, business success is dependent on getting the Tech right. IT has evolved well beyond troubleshooting critical systems into being a key business driver where your IT assets and infrastructure should allow you to do your jobs better, faster, and hopefully with less frustration. In modern business, value and revenue now rely on technology. In fact research identifies 10 characteristics of companies with a high growth trajectory. Although you only need 4 to make it happen, they are all tied to tech.

Whether it’s getting data from one device or platform to another or the dreaded blue & black screens of death, everyone has tech problems and that’s where Tech MacGyver comes in. With experience, technical know-how, and a roll of virtual duct tape, Tech MacGyver Solutions range from putting out emergency fires, simply making “IT” work, and solving your toughest tech dilemmas.

Tech MacGyver Solutions brings the problem solving skills of Spark Growth Resident Tech Innovator Norm Dempsey to the rest of the world. With a diverse skillset that includes managing the computer network for a television station and an MBA in business, Norman has the background, experience, and creative problem skillset to deal with a job that changes every day—or even over the course of a single day. With the right tools and the right mix of skills, Tech MacGyver Solutions is here to get you “Norm-alized” and back on track!

Tech MacGyver Services –

  • Handling Tech Emergencies
  • Making “IT” Work
  • Norm-alyze – Seamless Solutions for Scale
  • From the Start – Harnessing the Power of Tech for Business Growth
  • Keeping Your Business Safe

The Sarasota-Bradenton area is Tech MacGyver’s home but we serve clients throughout Florida and beyond both virtually and by special consideration.



About Norman Dempsey

Norman Dempsey is the Resident Tech Innovator at Spark Growth and Station 2 Innovation where he has the moniker of “Tech-MacGyver” among his colleagues. He is a long-time resident of Tampa Bay, having moved to Sarasota-Bradenton from Pinellas County in 1992 and his background includes that of a tech-business entrepreneur performing business, computer network, & cyber-security consulting. A former Network Administrator & Digital Media Director for local TV, he’s also managed/owned restaurants, sold and manufactured books, managed a 500,000 name subscriber list for a magazine publisher, and supported computer operations for DoD clients. He has a history of entrepreneurship going back to childhood and loves finding intrapreneur opportunities for existing businesses to expand services and enhance cash flow.

His volunteer work includes managing the social media presence for BarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton and providing pre-loved and refurbished computer hardware to schools and the less fortunate. When the annual DaVinci’s Faire & BarCamp unConference comes around, he’s a big part of the planning and production team that helps make it one of Sarasota-Bradenton’s premier public events. A graduate of Eckerd (BA) & USF (MBA), he lends his expertise and creativity regularly to those seeking business/tech advice and loves to talk shop with other cool people at Station 2 Innovation Networking or BarCamp After Hours events. Father, grandfather, and stubborn hoarder of his original Commodore-64, Norm encourages you to participate in your community where we all Share, Learn, & Grow together.


Connect with Norman in the following ways:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/normandempsey

Twitter: @TechMacGyver941