Keep Your Computer Safe with VirusTotal File Uploader

Remove Malware and Viruses

VirusTotal File Uploader

Analyze suspicious files and URLs to detect Viruses, Malware, Spyware/PUPS, and automatically share them with the information security community.

Not expecting an attachment in your email? Download something and want a second opinion over your current anti-virus/anti-malware software? With the majority of malware infections starting with web downloads and/or e-mail attachments, having a robust supplement to your current security software is of great utility. Look no further and employ VirusTotal as part of your defensive toolkit.

Upload your files to VirusTotal, by visiting their home site and use the main file scan form:

VirusTotal can fetch and scan online files without downloading. Enter a URL or right-click it and choose “Copy link location” to cut and paste it, and then click the Get and upload button. After scanning, you can decide whether you want to download the file or not.

Learn more about here:

An alternative you might like is MetaDefender!/

MetaDefender Cloud

From their site:

Metadefender is OPSWAT’s flagship solution and a leading platform for file-based advanced threat prevention, including the identification and removal of known and unknown threats from files and productivity documents. Organizations can use the platform’s data sanitization (CDR) engine to block zero-day attacks originating from documents, such as macro-enabled malware and drive-by hyperlinks.

MetaDefender Cloud can now de-weaponize a broader set of file types, including HWP, JTD, XML, WMP, DOT, DOTX, XLSM, GIF, CSV, and ODT. It now supports deeper sanitization functionality for Microsoft-based file types such as metadata and embedded fonts in MS Office 2003 and 2007 file formats, along with DDE attacks. Lastly, the service now offers enhanced PDF sanitization options for processing time and file size outputs.