Tech MacGyver - Technology & Business Solutions for Sarasota-Bradenton - Services

Tech Emergency – Handling Tech Emergencies

  • Tech MacGyver is available 24×7 to support the technical needs of concierge clients – putting out the inevitable fires that start with the technology in our business and personal lives.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

  • Have your business to show up higher in search engine results. Rank higher in a search engine organic search results with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. More details here: SEO

Make “IT” Work – Let Information Technology Work for You

  • Whether it’s hardware, software, or integration of several pieces, it’s very important to your business to have someone you can call on the make the “IT” work for you, instead of you working for “IT”.

Norm-alyze – Premium Solutions that involve seamless integration starting with an assessment, and followed by design and implementation

  • Whether your business is expanding and needs to scale up, you have new customer needs, or your old systems are just past their prime – it’s strategically important for your business to assess, plan, and carefully design new solutions that are integrated properly so you can maximize productivity and minimize operational costs.

Keeping Your Business Safe – Hardening Systems, Educating End Users, and Providing Backup Solutions

  • Tech MacGyver performs a variety of audits and assessments designed to provide business owners with a clear idea where they stand in relation to cybersecurity. We will determine if there is a need for additional software, services, and/or training or if the current assets merely need to be aligned properly.

From the Start – Harnessing the Power of Tech for Business Growth

  • With so many different options available to companies today – when you’re starting a new business, a new division, or working in a new market, Tech MacGyver can recommend and implement combinations of tools and systems from the many available to help you get started with what’s right for your business. These are packaged solutions to help you launch, build, and grow your business and they include but are not limited to website, invoicing, cloud storage, CRM, email, project management, marketing, and social media tools.


This is a summary of Tech MacGyver Services. We offer individualized technology and business solutions for our clients and we’re happy to discuss your needs with you during a free consultation.