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Sarasota-Bradenton Internet Broadband Speed Tests

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Test your Broadband Internet Connection Bandwidth Speed to locations around the world using broadband speed tests from various providers. You don’t want to take any single internet provider’s word for it. Tests check your connection’s download and upload speeds from within a web browser. Along with speed, there are other quality measurements such as latency which help accurately portray the connection coming to and from your broadband provider. Follow these tips for a successful and accurate broadband speed test:

  • Run from a wired computer if at all possible. In some environments, there can be lots of background “noise” that is not the fault of your ISP, ranging from microwaves, cordless phones, lighting fixtures, and more.
  • Turn off any internet connected device. Many devices auto-update, patch, and phone home which can significantly eat up your bandwidth. This is not your ISP’s problem!
  • Do not use streaming services while testing, such as Netflix, HBO Go, etc. They might be why you’re testing, but the can’t be run at the same time if you want accurate results.

Check the speed and quality of your Broadband Internet Speed and see how they compare: