Protecting Data for Small Businesses by way of a Seamless Backup Solution


What can small businesses, without the budget of a large corporation, do to protect their data? Watch this video to learn how Datto’s Alto 3 may be the best solution for business continuity at your organization.

A business continuity solution that delivers enterprise-grade functionality at a small business price.

Physical. Virtual. Cloud. – The Alto 3. This cost effective, yet fully featured solution allows you to recover granular data quickly from multiple points in time, and use Datto Cloud virtualization to spin up lost servers, getting back to business in minutes.

Easily protect any physical or virtual infrastructure running on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and spin up lost servers in minutes in the secure Datto cloud – without the need for additional tools.

Protect your Business against Malware / Ransomware. – Malware can slip into your systems through insecure software, web browsers, or operating systems, or by “hacking the human” and tricking you or your staff into installing it. The malicious software then allows scammers to access your files and track what you are doing on the local machine or across the web. The Ransomware variant demands payment (ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands) to “unlock” your computer or files without any guarantee that the unlocking procedure will be successful. With a robust backup plan, you can avoid this complication and potential death blow to your business.

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