Software Updates – Patch Software, It’s Essential to Online Security

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SARASOTA-BRADENTON, Fla. — Top security experts are generally aligned with advocating updating software as an essential component of computer security: you must patch your software. This stands in stark contrast to the opinions of non-experts where, according to the Google Security Blog, only 2% of them said that installing software updates “was one of their top security practices.” Instead, they rate their #1 security measure as running an antivirus client. While antivirus is a crucial element in an overall security strategy, it does not outweigh the need to patch software and can provide users with a false sense of security leading to risky online behavior. In fact, the mantra of security experts is not “Install Antivirus” but “Patch, patch, patch!”


So how do you patch? In the interest of making software updates accessible to the average user, we’ll outline a few methods in future blog posts. If you want to take a deep dive into how the opinions of security experts and laymen differ, read the full research paper “…no one can hack my mind”: Comparing Expert and Non-Expert Security Practices. Until next time, stay safe online and if you need help implementing a solution or recovering from a security failure, contact us or another reputable firm.